Structuring & Managing PPP Legal Agreements

28 Jan - 29 Jan

Structuring & Managing PPP Legal Agreements

London , UK

28 Jan - 29 Jan
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2 Days
Basic understanding of PPP Framework
‎£ 1,950 GBP

Contracts and legal agreements are at the heart of any public-private partnership transaction. With sound “win-win” agreements, grounded in the Rule of law, PPPs achieve the objectives set forth by governments. With poorly structured agreements, PPP projects are doomed to fail. With tens and even hundreds of millions of dollars at stake, it is imperative that time and money are well spent in designing good PPP contracts. In this course, participants will learn “best practices” in creating, negotiating, and implementing sound “win-win” PPP contracts. Through the use of presentations, case contract reviews and simulation exercises, participants will deepen their understanding of the key elements of successful PPP contracts, how risks are effectively allocated, and how to develop negotiation skills. The issue of how to handle disputes in contracts will also be reviewed.

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