PPP Contract Negotiation

07 Oct - 08 Oct

PPP Contract Negotiation

Sidney , Australia

07 Oct - 08 Oct
Course Details

2 Days
None Required
$ 2,150 USD

This programme forms the standard agenda for our open contract negotiation course or it can be tailored specifically for your organisation on an in-company basis – using your own contract negotiation scenarios.

Effective contract negotiation is at the heart of commercial success. The art of contract negotiation is just as important for the support team as it is for the up-front negotiator.

This course enables delegates to successfully negotiate contracts, deals and disputes while maintaining good relationships with the other party and their advisers. The course covers a variety of effective negotiating skills and styles coupled with a detailed analysis of negotiating techniques.

The course also addresses how to negotiate a settlement of a dispute that may arise whilst the contract is in operation. The course gives the opportunity for delegates to test their own skills through the use of interactive methods including case studies, workshops, practical exercises and feedback from the training consultant.

For further information on this course please contact Reanna Roach, Marketing and Events Co-ordinator at r.roach@pppexperts.com