The global infrastructure financing gap is estimated at $1 trillion annually and increasing due to the growing requirement for construction and renovation of infrastructure and diminishing public sector funding capacity. PPPs have a vital rote to play in bridging that gap by taking advantage of private sector financing and the benefits it brings in terms of incentives, risk transfer and achieving efficiency gains, particularly in the developing countries.

The International Diploma in PPP is a comprehensive programme to provide the public and private sector individuals and teams with sufficient knowledge of PPP, skills and organisational experience to manage procurement of privately financed assets and provision of public service.


Core modules 1 and 2 are delivered for six days each (five days tuition + one day revision, exam and recap) over two weeks. The specialisation modules are delivered for four days each (three days tuition + one day revision, exam and recap) over one week. The Simulation is held over four consecutive days).


The standard curriculum of the Diploma programme covers 20 day of classroom attendance, delivered typically over a 21 weeks period. Modules 3A, 3B and 3C are delivered consecutively, allowing participants to take more than one specialisation module if they wish. Intervals between modules are subject to agreement with the client.


  • Module 1: exam, 100 multi-choice questions, 70% pass rate
  • Module 2: exam, 100 multi-choice questions, 70% pass rate - written group assignment, 50% pass rate
  • Module 3: exam, 80 multi-choice questions, 70% pass rate
  • Simulation: successful participation

PPP Simulation

Transferring knowledge, skills and expertise into organisational experience

The Simulation participants will role play public or private sector project teams making key decisions necessary to take a representative PPP project through the key stages of its inception and procurement up to contract award and financial close.

The audience will be divided into three teams that will assume roles of the public authority that will launch a PPP tender, and two private consortia, bidding for the PPP project award. Throughout the four days of role-play the Simulation participants will develop financial models and produce core deal documents that are standard for PPP project procurement.

Key stakeholder roles will be performed by PPP Experts trainers, as well as prominent PPP market players (local and international), including commercial and development banks, technical and legal advisors, EPC contractors, etc. Training participants will be interacting and negotiating with various stakeholders at relevant junctures of the project cycle, as well as in situations when events take an unexpected turn – something that probably happens in the life of every real PPP deal.

Key Simulation tasks will include:

  • Select the right project option and assess its PPP potential and implementation feasibility;
  • Use financial models to prepare tender terms, assess bid proposals and understand lenders concerns;
  • Prepare key project documents (feasibility study, base case financial model, risk matrix, request for qualification, request for proposal, etc.);
  • Present the documents to key stakeholders at relevant stages and obtain approvals;
  • Negotiate key PPP contract provisions and financing terms.