Impementing PPP Solid Waste

25 Nov - 27 Nov

Impementing PPP Solid Waste

Amman , Jordan

25 Nov - 27 Nov
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3 Days
Basic understanding of PPP Framework
$ 2,350 USD

The approach to procurement among municipalities, local authorities and national governments are changing. Most authorities are increasingly taking operating costs into account when procuring new wastewater treatment infrastructure, and there is an operating component included in nearly all new projects that are currently being tendered across the world. The trend is further encouraged by the National Water Policies, which advocates more spending on asset maintenance. This is leading municipal clients to think more closely about the lifetime costs of any new infrastructure assets they procure.

This course takes a close look at all the necessary components involved in implementing a waste water project using a PPPP route. The trainer brings a wealth of experience in such projects and aims to highlight the key elements that both public and private sectors should be aware of from design to delivery. The training will be based around actual case studies and delegates will get access to first-hand information from global waste water projects.

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