Our Training Portfolio

PPP Experts provide training in all core PPP specialisation domains, such as Policy, Management. Law, Finance at proficiency levels from Fundamental to Advanced across key infrastructure sectors. Our training portfolio consists of 45 courses, currently available and under development, as well as a comprehensive 20-day International Diploma in Public-Private Partnerships.
You are most likely to find the training that best suits your needs among our courses offering. However, if your demands are more specific for a group of participants – please see the In-Company Training page and get in touch to discuss whether we can design a bespoke training that would suit your particular requirements

Career Development Path

Certificate of Proficiency in Public-Private Partnership

PPP Experts firmly believe in the holistic approach to training that offers a long-term relationship with the client to ensure continuous development of PPP-related skills relevant for the participant’s professional role and industry specialisation.

  • Fundamentals of Public-Private Partnerships, four days;
  • Professional domain-specific Intermediate course along one of the following specialisations: PPP Policy, Management, Finance or Law, three days;
  • Two or more Advanced level professional courses, two days each;
  • And a highly interactive PPP Project Simulation, four days (more on the Simulation here).

Successful completion of the above learning progression leads to award of the PPP Experts Certificate of Proficiency in Public-Private Partnership. We envisage that this Certificate will be endorsed by a reputable British University with Learning Credits awarded, negotiations are ongoing to that purpose.

Core Course Offering

Fundamentals of Public-Private Partnership

▪ PPP Policy Framework Select
▪ Project Management in PPP Projects Select
▪ Infrastructure Finance Select
▪ Structuring and Managing PPP Legal Agreements Select
▪ Setting Up and Running PPP Units Select
▪ Risk Management in PPP Projects Select
▪ Advanced Project Finance for PPPs Select
▪ PPP Contract Negotiation Select
▪ PPP Project Procurement Select
▪ PPP Bid Preparation and Tendering Select
▪ Obtaining Funding for Infrastructure Projects Select
▪ Structuring Financial Agreements for PPPs Select
▪ Infrastructure Sector Regulation Select
▪ PPP Contract Management Select
▪ Financial Modelling for PPP Projects Select
▪ PPP Ancillary Contracts Select
▪ PPP in Transport, two days Select
▪ Airport PPPs, one day Select
▪ Road and Bridges PPP, one day Select
▪ PPP in Utilities, two days Select
▪ PPP in Solid Waste, one day Select
▪ Water Sector PPPs, one day Select
▪ PPP in Social Infrastructure, two days Select
▪ Healthcare PPPs, one day Select
▪ PPPs in Education, one day Select
▪ Energy and Power PPPs, two days Select
▪ Solar Energy PPPs, one day Select
▪ PPP in Oil & Gas, one day Select
▪ Economic Analysis of PPP Projects Select
▪ Value for Money Analysis Select
▪ Mega Project Management Select
▪ Communication and PR in PPP Projects Select
▪ Advanced PPP Financial Modeling Select
▪ Islamic Finance for PPP Projects Select
▪ PPP Project Renegotiation Select
▪ Design of Payment Mechanisms for PPP Projects Select
▪ Dispute Resolution in PPP Projects Select
▪ Investment in Infrastructure Assets Select
▪ Developing a PPP Project Feasibility Study Select
▪ Dealing with Distressed PPP Projects Select